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Gem Announces Talent CRM & Series A Financing

Posted by Steve Bartel on 3/11/19 10:37 PM

Over the past 2 years, the team at Gem (formerly ZenSourcer) has been proud to provide best-in-class sourcing solutions to brilliant companies like Dropbox, Unity, and One Medical. As we look for new ways to serve talent acquisition teams, we’re excited to share some huge news about the future of our company.

First, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Accel, who are leading our $9M Series A financing. Having previously supported massive successes at Facebook, Atlassian, and Spotify, Accel brings a level of expertise and experience our team needs to deliver the next generation of recruiting innovation.

“It’s refreshing to see recruiting technology brought to market by such a strong founding team who experienced firsthand the difficulties of recruiting great people,” explained Daniel Levine, Partner at Accel. “The team over there understands the needs of talent acquisition professionals, and is focused on solving nuanced yet persistent hiring problems.”

When hiring for teams at previous companies, our founding team all realized there was a startling gap in technology that supported hiring. HR Tech companies had sliced the hiring funnel into three areas: candidate discovery (LinkedIn), interview management (ATS), and employee management (HCM). The notion of managing a relationship with a candidate over time was completely neglected, especially in the all-too-common scenario of the passive candidate who isn’t quite ready to interview.




When our CEO, Steve, was building an engineering team at Dropbox, he regularly surfaced great people, but the trouble with great people is that they usually already have great jobs.

“We’d find plenty of people we wanted to recruit, but often the timing just wasn’t right. We focused on building relationships with our ideal candidates, and to stay organized we kept spreadsheets that we’d call our “list of Gems”.

Hiring is no longer about who has applied, but rather a proactive process where recruiters engage, nurture, and counsel candidates until they are ready to interview. When they find these gems, recruiters become relationship managers, working to understand when the timing is right for a career move.

We are thrilled today to announce our new name, Gem, and our newest product addressing candidate relationship management, Gem CRM. Gem CRM allows recruiters to manage passive talent outreach with notes, due dates, and custom fields, build relationships at scale by sending personal content at optimal intervals, and forecast + track goals by giving visibility into the recruiting pipeline from reach-out to offer out.

“What do you do when a candidates tells you ‘not now but stay in touch’? Before Gem, I was using a notebook and a spreadsheet to track my follow-up for hundreds of candidates, “ says Maisha Cannon, Sourcing Leader at Procore Technologies. “There was no way to know if any of my colleagues had reached out, what their interaction was like, or any signals about when I should be following up. Now, I have all my candidates in one place, and I know I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes when I engage.”

We built our CRM to help the rest of the world recruit in the same way. And it's working. We started Gem 18 months ago, and are already partnering with 100 paying customers, including Segment, Pinterest, and One Medical. Our founding team [LINK TO TEAM] from Dropbox, Facebook, Uber, and LinkedIn are building a product recruiters love, which has led to 10x revenue growth in 10 months.

At Gem, we’re giving recruiters the technology they need to connect people to their next big career move. If this mission sounds like something you want to be a part of, we’d love to talk. Shoot us a note at and let’s get started.


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