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The Gem Feature You’ve Been Waiting For: InMail Auto-Logging

Gem Auto-Logging Recruiting InMails

We know… we just published our monthly feature release last week. But we have one more super exciting product update to share with you… and we don’t want to wait to tell you this one:

As of last week, for any InMail sent through a Recruiter (or Recruiter Lite) profile page, Gem will:

  • Automatically log that an InMail message was sent 
  • Log the content of your sent message to the Gem activity feed memo


This is true whether you send InMail using Gem InMail Sequences or whether you send a one-off InMail: either way, you no longer need to record in Gem that you sent it, so you’ll always get credit in Outreach Stats.

Just remember to use the Recruiter (or Recruiter Lite) profile to send your InMail – not the public profile!


Here’s what it looks like if you’re sending InMail using Gem’s InMail Sequences:

Autolog InMail Sequence

(see the bright green notification?)

And this is what it looks like if you’re just sending your own one-off InMail:

Autolog One-off

We’ll also automatically log your InMail message content in the prospect’s activity feed:

Autolog InMail Activity Feed

Situations where we do not automatically log InMail activity (yet!):

  • When you receive InMail replies
  • Bulk-sending InMails
  • Sending InMail from anywhere except a person’s Recruiter or Recruiter Lite profile
    i.e. Gem won’t detect when InMail is sent on a person’s public profileInMail inbox, LinkedIn Projects, or the LinkedIn Search page

Of course, we’ll continue to make this better and will have more updates to share as they come. For now, you can enjoy your InMail workflow a little bit more blush

Feel free to find us with questions or feedback on where you’d like Gem to automatically log InMail activity next!

– Team Gem


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