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Developing an Employee Value Proposition that Attracts Top Talent

Posted by Lauren Shufran on July 24 2019

If you’re in the field of talent acquisition, you know you need a lot of tools in your outreach toolbelt to get the best of the best to engage with you. Passive talent holds a lot of power these days; and today’s employees are as driven by company culture, work-life balance, and their employer’s social initiatives as they are by salary. In response, recruitment started to look more like marketing: The role of talent acquisition is to sell the experience of working for a given organization. For sourcers, this typically means offering collateral and branded materials in nurture campaigns that communicate the value the organization could offer as their employer. And one of the most compelling things you can offer passive talent is the employee value proposition.

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Gem's Gems: Meet Drew Regitsky

Posted by Lauren Shufran on July 16 2019

We’re excited to launch “Gem’s Gems,” our new blog series spotlighting individual team members at Gem! To kick off the series, we spoke with Gem Founding Engineer Drew Regitsky. Drew has an impressive background as a self-taught software engineer, having transitioned from chemical engineering over the course of working at several startups (biotech, bioinformatics etc). A graduate of MIT, Drew went to school with Gem co-founders Steve and Nick. We caught up with Drew to learn more about him.

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Sourcing Diverse Talent at the Top of the Funnel

Posted by Lauren Shufran on July 8 2019

Where to Find Underrepresented Talent

In a recent survey Gem conducted at the Greenhouse Open and Talent42 conferences, 56% of our respondents cited “diversity” as the primary pain point their recruiting team is up against—a pain point that tied for first place with “sourcing.” Diversity and sourcing were also cited as two of the top priorities for talent teams for the remainder of 2019—which is great news, given that 38% of respondents currently spend less than 25% of their energies on sourcing for diversity. 22% said they don’t currently source for diversity at all.

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How to Use Social Proof in Your Talent Outreach

Posted by Lauren Shufran on July 1 2019

A LinkedIn Global Talent Trends survey recently confirmed a few things that we’d suspected. The first is that the biggest roadblock candidates face during a job transition is "not knowing what it’s really like to work at the company.” The second is that the thing candidates most want to know about is your company culture—indeed, 66% of them say as much. The third? Candidates want you to “share employee views.” 

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Gem’s Diversity and Inclusion Journey, Part 1

Posted by Lauren Shufran on June 23 2019

An Interview with our Co-Founder, Steve Bartel

At Gem, we believe that hiring a diverse and inclusive team is critical to building a high-performing company and fostering a culture that honors compassion—both internally and for its customers. So we want to start now, while we’re young and growing. Because “growth” isn’t synonymous with “flourishing” unless you have a strong foundation.

But we also recognize that the topic of D&I is nuanced. Its challenges are systemic and often unconscious. In other words, we have a lot to learn… but we also have a lot to unlearn: some blind spots to address, some stripping-away of assumptions. 

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A Sneak Peek: The Definitive Guide for Email Outreach

Posted by Lauren Shufran on June 11 2019

To say that the field of talent acquisition is undergoing a transformation is an understatement. For one, there’s a shift happening at the strategic level: Rather than awaiting inbound applications from active candidates, talent teams have turned their focus to capturing the interest and attentions of passive prospects. This approach—shaped by a market that’s seeing a growing shortage of talent, with more open positions than there are qualified and interested candidates to fill them—is proving fruitful. 31% of hires are actively sourced, and sourced candidates are hired at more than twice the rate at which inbound applicants are hired.

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What it’s like to work at Gem

Posted by Nick Bushak on May 16 2019

At Gem, we help companies build relationships with top talent — a bit like Salesforce for recruiting. Gone are the days when recruiting teams relied on inbound applications. The best companies are proactively engaging with talent months or even years before they’re ready to interview. Gem powers this new wave of recruiting by enabling recruiters and hiring managers to collaborate on candidates, keep in touch, and never reach out to the same person twice.

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Gem Launches Talent CRM & Announces Series A Financing

Posted by Steve Bartel on March 11 2019

Over the past few years, we’ve been proud to provide best-in-class sourcing solutions to brilliant companies like Dropbox, Unity, and One Medical.

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